Brand Story

Multione was founded in 2015 by a group of young textile enthusiasts who realize that, despite the growing Athleisure fashion, most brand garment designers and consumers don't know the full story when it comes to fabrics, the core garment materials. And that can result in designers creating unsuitable designs or consumers spending lots of money on garments which don't fit their needs.

Multione was formed to provide a wide array of fabrics with functions and values beyond their prices.

Brand, Visions

2015-2016: through utilizing modern IOT (Internet of Things) technology, designers and consumers can use their hand-held devices to scan QR codes and log into Multione’s website to get full product information:

  • (a) Product origin and related certificates
  • (b) Function test reports
  • (c) Detailed information about fabric manufacturing technology and theories
  • (d) Notes for fabrics use and design
  • (e) FAQ

2017-2020: we will provide designers and consumers with an innovative joint platform which will transform the traditional business model of "design→production→marketing" into an Industry 4.0 model of “design→marketing→production”, bringing new triple-win business opportunities to designers, consumers, and manufacturers.

Brand Spirit

As you saw in our Multione brand animation, the six Multione Heroes bear responsibility for protecting consumers against inclement weather and environments, with Multione’s fusion (Fusion=fashion x function) garments. Multione - unique designs that anyone can afford.

Multione is set to become a synonym for global eco-Fusion.


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