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light and warmth for a variety of fabrics used for outdoor activities.Outdoor sports people know, it depends on the degree of warm and comfortable, even the wild to survive they have to depend on whether adequate warm. All warm fabrics are let through the warm air around the body to stay warm. The more fluffy fabric, the more air travel.

WARM series represents light and warmth, durability, performance, sound and beautiful fabrics.

Such as, Fleece is a synthetic fabric, typically made of a plastic material like polyester. It is a good insulator, and dries very quickly, making it a good option for those who will be exposed to snow and ice, like skiers or mountain campers.

Fleece can be made thin, so it is a good layering fabric, though it is not the best wind resistor. Because of this, fleece clothing is sometimes backed with a more wind resistant fabric. Popular fleece items include scarves, gloves and jackets.

Multione warm sample picture
Multione warm sample picture
Multione warm sample picture

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